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Photo Digital Frames and Why We Should All Get One

What is the best photo digital frame to buy?

Despite there being so many digital photo frames available on the market, only a handful of them truly stands out as exceptional. Out of these great frames, the Pix-Star frame offers one of the best balances between functionality, performance, quality, and price. There are no recurring fees or after-sale upsells. The Pix-Star frame comes fully unlocked with both multimedia support and free-for-life cloud storage.

Pix-Star’s photo digital frame is great for elderly users thanks to the handheld remote control and the simple user interface. It’s intuitive and you’re never more than a couple of steps from the home screen. Slideshows can be started with one click directly from the home screen and you can customize them effortlessly by playback order, speed, transitions, and more.

Pix-Star’s frames let you adjust both the brightness and the color, letting you get a display that matches the ambiance and vibe. It’s a great frame for both wall mounting and resting on a flat surface. Coming in two sizes; 10-inches and 15-inches, you can find something that can suit any room – no matter how big or brightly lit.

With the ability to link and sync photo albums directly from social media and photo-sharing platforms to your frame, Pix-Star’s frames separate from the rest. You can link multiple frames to the same account and can link multiple accounts within the same platform to the same frame. This makes it super-easy to have all your loved ones’ photos automatically synced to and updated on your frame – even when they add new photos.

It’s this level of versatility without compromising on usability that sets the Pix-Star apart. You can also choose from a host of handy features like web radio & music, viewing the weather, alerts & reminders, brain games, and more. Through the web interface, you have multi-frame control and can easily manage your frames from anywhere in the world. Pix-Star’s photo digital frames offer excellent value for money and one of the best user experiences on the market.

How to send pictures to a photo digital frame?

If it’s supported by the photo digital frame, mobile apps offer the easiest, quickest, and most versatile way to send photos. You can either record or capture media directly through the app, or you can select photos and other media you’ve already captured from your phone’s gallery. All these selected photos can then be sent to multiple frames at the same.

Email is another great way to send photos to your digital frame – though you usually can’t send as many as with the mobile app (and videos usually can’t be sent via email). Simply add the photos as attachments to an email sent directly to the frame dedicated and unique email address. Pix-Star pioneered the concept of digital frames with an email address.

Web albums and importing photos from external sources is another great way – though it’s less widely available and often limited to only the best photo digital frames. This is almost always done through the web interface and generally doesn’t include videos and audio support.

For offline methods, you can load your photos and other media onto a compatible USB/SD card, insert it into the frame’s USB/SD card port, and copy the content across to the frame’s internal storage. It’s a great way to send photos and other media when you don’t have consistent internet access.

Do photo digital frames need Wi-Fi to work?

While some photo digital frames need a constant Wi-Fi connection to work, most of the top frames offer extensive offline use. In practical terms, you can’t send or receive photos through any Wi-Fi or cloud-dependent method; including mobile apps, the web interface, email, or by syncing web albums. Usually, when you reconnect to Wi-Fi you can download all these backlogged files – though some frames might not offer this and the files that were sent while the frame was offline will be lost.

You can still send photos and other media as usual through offline methods via a USB/SD card and saving their content to the frame’s internal storage. You won’t be able to save anything to the cloud until you reconnect to a stable Wi-Fi network. Features like games and some calendar and reminder functions might still work without Wi-Fi – though it varies from frame to frame.

Can I play videos on a photo digital frame?

Most top photo digital frames offer video playback but almost always have limits on the supported video length, format, or file size. For example, Pix-Star’s frame lets you play video clips up to 2-minutes in total length. You can send multiple videos, so long as they are shorter than the 2-minute limit. This might not seem like much but is more than almost all other digital frames offer.

With other top photo digital frames, you can only send and play videos if you subscribe to the “plus” package and pay the recurring fee. Even then, there are still limits on the length of videos the frames support. It’s also worth checking if the frame you’re interested in can play the audio that comes with the video files. It’s usually done through the frame’s inbuilt speakers, though some let you connect to external audio output devices.

How to set up a new photo digital frame?

When you first unbox a new photo digital frame, you need to connect it to a stable Wi-Fi network. If you have a frame that doesn’t support Wi-Fi, you can insert a USB/SD card with photos and start to display them right away.

For Wi-Fi photo digital frames, choose your home Wi-Fi from the list of available networks, and input the password when prompted. Once you’ve connected, the setup wizard should guide you through the rest of the setup process.

Note that the frame might take a few minutes to perform various updates to software, features, and firmware. It also might take a couple of minutes for the photo digital frame to register as “online” via the web interface. Depending on the frame, you might need to login into the web interface to register and connect to your frame. This will enable features like remote control, cloud storage & management, and the use of the mobile app.

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