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How to Choose the Best Digital Frame for Your Family


What resolution is best for a digital frame?

We recommend a minimum resolution of 800×600 for a better viewing experience. Digital frames that use this resolution are very affordable and still offer good image sharpness, quality, and clarity. This resolution is best for a digital frame with a screen size of 8” or smaller.

Another fantastic resolution is 1024×768. This resolution is best for digital frames with a larger screen (10” and above) as it keeps the images clean and sharp, and offers relatively good video playback quality.

Some digital frames have even higher resolutions, but they are significantly more expensive. We find that 1024×768 is the sweet spot between price and performance. Value for money tapers off as the resolution gets higher, so unless you’re dead set on getting the highest possible resolution – it’s most likely not worth the higher price.

What are the best digital frame features for grandparents?

Pix-Star has an excellent digital frame for grandparents and people who aren’t technologically skilled. The Pix-Star is one of the best digital frames because of its balance between simplicity and a broad set of features.

Perhaps the most useful feature of Pix-Star’s frame is the remote control ability. You can completely control the frame remotely via Pix-Star’s web interface. You can change settings, add/remove media, set slideshows, and even update the firmware.

Anything you can do in person on the frame, you will also be able to do remotely.
This is great for grandparents that aren’t good with technology. You don’t need to spend forever on phone calls trying to explain each of the functions. All you need to do is log into the web interface and do it for them.

Another one of the best features of Pix-Star’s digital frame is how easy it is to use. The menus are simple and easy to navigate with the remote control. There aren’t any confusing home screen or feature drawers.

The Pix-Star frame has a host of options for sending media to the frame (email, mobile apps, sync with social media, etc.). All of these methods are very easy and can be set to show up automatically the moment they are received on the frame. Combine this with settings that show the most recent pictures/videos more frequently – and your grandparents won’t miss a beat.

How to choose the best digital frame for 2021?

The best digital frame for 2021 is one that lessens the impact of lockdowns and reduced human contact due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you want the best digital frame for 2021, you need features that connect you to your friends and family quickly and effortlessly.

One important feature is social media and web album compatibility. Some digital frames can be set to connect and sync with social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram. You can choose which photos and albums you want to display on the digital frame. When you add new pictures to those social media albums, they’ll automatically be updated and displayed on the digital frame.

Another best digital frame feature for 2021 is video and audio playback. Some frames let you send short audio notes, songs, and even short video clips (with sound). Videos and short voice clips can make you feel a whole lot closer to your family and friends than photos do. This is especially true for grandparents that aren’t great at staying up to date via messaging apps and social media.

When choosing the best digital frame to buy, write down a couple of features you’d like to have, along with what you’ve seen here. Use these as a checklist as you browse the options and you’ll get the best value for your money – and a digital frame that’s perfect for 2021.

What are the best digital frame settings?

Not all digital frames offer the same level of control and customization. It’s important to know what settings matter more when it comes to real-world use.

Settings that adjust the screen’s hue, saturation, and brightness are very important. Digital frames are made or broken by their screens. If your images all have a washed-out or cold appearance, you won’t enjoy it nearly as much as you would a vibrant and lively color profile. While this adds a little complexity to the setup process, it is well worth the effort. You will see images as they truly look, even in bright and well-lit rooms.

Automatic updating, syncing, and displaying new media are other important setting. You should be able to see new pictures and other media the moment they are received by the frame. It’s often easy to forget to manually update and sync with connected social media profiles, meaning you might miss out on important family moments.

You should be able to set the frame to give you manual control over automatic updating and syncing – just in case you don’t like the idea of media being accepted without your permission.

Which is the best Pix-Star digital frame?

Pix-Star has two digital frames; a 9.7” version, and a larger 15” version. The main difference between the two digital frames is the pixel density and the screen brightness.

Both digital frames have a 1024×768 resolution. This means that the larger screen has a lower pixel density. Pictures will appear ever so slightly sharper on the smaller 9.7” digital frame. That being said, you aren’t going to notice a difference unless you inspect the screen very closely. In practice, pictures and videos will essentially appear the same.

The other difference is screen brightness. The smaller 9.7” display has a brightness of 300 cd/m2; the larger screen has a brightness of 350 cd/m2. This isn’t a massive difference and it helps make up for the lower pixel density of the larger screen. Both of the digital frames are bright enough to use in large and well-lit rooms.

In summary, the 10” digital frame is best for you if you want slightly sharper images, but don’t mind the smaller screen size. Pix-Star’s 15” digital frame is best for you if you want a big and bright display, but don’t mind sacrificing a little sharpness and image clarity.

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