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Should You Get a Digital Frame at Walmart?


Should I buy a digital frame at Walmart?

Should you buy a digital frame at Walmart? Or is your money better spent on Amazon, eBay, or one of the many other online shopping platforms? This is often the first hurdle you’ll come across when deciding where to get your next digital frame.

There are many important considerations when buying a digital frame online as you can’t physically interact with the frame. Accurate and verified reviews are essential when buying anything online. You want to be able to gauge whether the digital frame you’re looking at lives up to its claims in the real world. There are too many frames on the market that claim to offer premium performance and features at a tempting price but seldom deliver on those promises.

Amazon is probably the best place to buy a digital frame when it comes to the variety of choices and the number of reviews. You can read through hundreds of reviews at each of the 5-star tier rating systems. One-star reviews often teach you about technical or support issues, and in combination with two-star reviews, give you an idea of the quality control and consistency of the frame.

Three-star reviews are often the most balanced when it comes to offering both critical and positive reviews. You can learn about common issues that show up over time and build a clearer picture of how the digital frame performs in the real world. Four and five-star reviews usually lean more toward the positive side but can offer important insight into the frame’s strong and weak points.

You can also browse through hundreds of questions and answers about specific features and aspects of the frame. Combine this with more in-depth information and product descriptions and you can easily understand the ins and outs of any digital frame. You can ask new questions if you can’t find any recent answers to your unique questions.

All this being said, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a great digital frame at Walmart. While their product selection is a little smaller, you still have access to some premium digital frames like the Nixplay frame. Unfortunately, you don’t have many other options in the premium range. You can’t find top frames like the Pix-Star or the Skylight digital frame at Walmart – though you’ll find them on Amazon.

What digital frames does Walmart offer?

The digital frames Walmart offers lean more towards the mid-range of the digital frame market. You can find quite a few digital frames in the medium budget level such as the PhotoShare frame, Stoneway frames, and the Brookstone frame.

There are also quite a few options in the budget/low-end range including the GoPlus frame, the Sylvania frame, and the GiiNii digital frame. Despite having a decent offering, online shopping hubs like Amazon still offer a much broader selection of digital frames than Walmart – most notably in the premium range.

Nixplay’s digital frames are arguably the only premium digital frame Walmart offers. Nixplay digital frames are known for being some of the most expensive frames on the market – especially when compared to frames like the Pix-Star. Nixplay’s frames don’t offer quite as many features and functions, and the user interface isn’t as smooth – yet the price can be significantly higher.

If you’re looking strictly for a budget-friendly low-end digital frame at Walmart, you have quite a few decent options to choose from. We usually recommend you save up a little longer and get a premium frame as they’re often not too much of a leap up in price, but offer a massive jump in versatility, functionality, and durability. When it comes to premium digital frames at Walmart, you don’t have a broad and diverse enough selection to ensure you’re getting the best frame for your needs.

Are digital frames at Walmart better than the Pix-Star?

Pix-Star’s digital frame isn’t sold at Walmart, which is unfortunate since it’s a best-seller at Amazon and one of the best digital frames on the market. Nixplay’s digital frames at Walmart are the closest competitors to the Pix-Star, so it’s worth looking at how they compare.

The biggest issue with Nixplay digital frames is their aspect ratio. Most of their frames come with a 16:9 or even 16:10 aspect ratio – meaning most of your photos will be cropped or boxed in by unsightly black bars. Pix-Star frames use a superior 4:3 aspect ratio that lets you display photos more naturally, without cropping or black bars around the sides.

On top of this, many of the Nixplay frames are significantly more expensive and often require an additional subscription to unlock or increase video playback length. Even with an active “plus” subscription, Nixplay frames still can’t play videos more than a minute long (depending on the frame). This feature is offered for free with the Pix-Star frame, and it comes with the mobile app fully unlocked.

Pix-Star’s frames are better when it comes to linking social media and photo-sharing platforms’ photo albums to multiple frames at the same time. These linked albums are automatically linked and saved to the frame’s internal storage and are automatically updated whenever you add new photos to any linked album.

When you combine this feature with the remote-control capability and multi-frame control (up to 25 frames), it’s easy to see why Pix-Star’s frame offers better value. You have more features including web radio & music, free-for-life unlimited cloud storage, brain games, alerts & reminders, and much more. Pix-Star’s digital frames are excellent for elderly users and large families, making it easy to stay connected without isolating any non-tech-savvy family members.

When you consider that you’re getting all of the versatility and functionality for a better price, it’s hard to justify getting the Nixplay frame. That’s not to say it’s a bad frame though. Nixplay frames are still a premium choice with good durability and enough features and functions to keep you happy – you just don’t quite get the same value for money as you do with the Pix-Star.

Can I return a digital frame to Walmart?

You can return a digital frame to Walmart, as long as you fall within the return time limit. Most electronics need to be returned within 30-days from purchase, though you need to check the return policy for the specific digital frame you bought. If you don’t have the receipt or original packaging, Walmart will likely put you through a refund review process before issuing a refund.

This isn’t the case for damaged or faulty digital frames. The return policy is a little different and can vary depending on the model and brand of the digital frame. Please check the return policy of the digital frame you’re interested in before buying anything.

Is the Pix-Star digital frame available at Walmart?

Pix-Star’s digital frame is not sold at Walmart. Neither the 10-inch nor the 15-inch models are available. You can buy the Pix-Star frame through Amazon, or the shop.pix-star.com shop.

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