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Why You Shouldn’t You Buy Digital Photo Frames at Target


Is buying digital photo frames at Target worth it?

The selection of digital photo frames at Target is nearly what you’d need to find the right frame for your home & family. You’re limited to just a handful of Aura frames and a couple of cheaper budget-level Polaroid digital frames. With such a limited selection, it’s hard to ensure you get a frame that delivers where you need it most.

This is especially true for premium digital frames and first-time frame buyers. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, or only have a rough idea, it’s important to compare several brands and frames in different price ranges. It helps you to get better value for money and a frame that has the features you’d need to get the most from it.

Aura digital photo frames are known to be some of the most expensive frames on the market for what they offer. They’re not the most versatile frames and are quite limited when it comes to their features & functions. While Aura frames do have great displays, this isn’t usually enough to justify their high price. The high cost of the display panels often needs to be recuperated by sacrificing other areas of the frame’s build quality or real-world performance. It’s something we see often in the premium end of the market – which is why it’s hard to find the right premium frame.

Additionally, top performance & selling frames like the Pix-Star digital photo frame aren’t available at Target. To add to this, the premium range of frames at Target is severely limited. This is a massive drawback as comparisons are arguably the most important here. You don’t get nearly as many real-world reviews and Q&As as you’d get with platforms like Amazon. Product descriptions don’t offer as many details and information about the frame’s features.

Unless you are dead-set on shopping for digital photo frames at Target for whatever reason – your money is likely best spent elsewhere. You’ll get better value for money, a far larger product selection, more information & reviews to work with, and excellent return policies (Amazon for example). If you’re looking to get a premium digital photo frame, we suggest you save up and shop more intelligently on other platforms like Amazon.

Can I get Pix-Star’s digital photo frames at Target?

Pix-Star’s digital photo frames can’t be bought at Target. This is true for most of the other top digital photo frames – aside from the Aura digital photo frame. Pix-Star’s frames are arguably the most versatile and capable premium digital frames on today’s market. They’re packed full of useful features, Wi-Fi & cloud-enabled functions, personalized slideshows, etc.

Pix-Star’s digital photo frames can send & receive photos from anywhere in the world via the web interface, photo-mail, and through the Pix-Star Snap mobile app. The Pix-Star is the perfect digital frame for families and elderly users as they’re so easy to use. Received photos can be set to automatically display in slideshows the moment they’re received – making sure you & your loved ones never miss another moment.

Free-for-life cloud storage and web album support give the Pix-Star an almost unequaled level of versatility. You can import web albums (photo albums from social media & photo-sharing sites, directly from your computer, etc.) directly to your frame’s internal storage. They can be viewed offline and slideshows can be remotely started from them.

Pix-Star’s remote-control function lets you use the web interface to start slideshows, adjust the frame’s settings, manage both local & cloud storage, and much more. You can control up to 25 connected Pix-Star frames in multi-frame control groups – letting you effortlessly manage all the digital frames in the family.

Given all that the Pix-Star frame can do, it’s surprising to see that it’s not available at Target. Most other premium and mid-range digital photo frames aren’t available at Target (another reason to shop for digital frames elsewhere). Pix-Star’s digital photo frames can be found on their online shop or Amazon.

Should I buy digital photo frames at Target or Amazon?

We’ve already seen that buying digital photo frames at Target isn’t a great idea – but what’s the alternative. The answer is… Amazon – it’s hands-down the best platform for getting a digital photo frame. The massive product catalog lets you choose from hundreds of frames. Most premium digital photo frames are available here – meaning you’re more likely to get great value for money and a digital frame that’s right for you!

Amazon’s review system tends to be more in-depth and you can read through potentially hundreds of reviews for each digital frame. You can also browse through hundreds of Q&As that tackle the features, durability, and real-world use of the frame. When you combine all of this with descriptive and thorough product descriptions, you remove a lot of the risk involved in shopping for digital frames online.

Can I return digital photo frames bought at Target?

Every digital photo frame at Target will have a return policy. While there are general return policies for the entire digital photo frame category, it’s more important to check the individual policy for a frame. Make sure you’re clear about the return acceptance window and whether or not refunds can be issues (or a replacement frame). Make sure to keep the frame’s original packaging, receipts, and accessories in good condition to avoid any potential issues.

Can digital photo frames at Target play videos?

This depends on the digital photo frame you choose. It’s worth noting that video & audio playback isn’t universally offered features and are usually only found on premium digital frames. Aura’s frames are designed to play photos, not videos. This means you can’t send videos or view them on Aura’s frames – something that’s offered extensively on competing for digital photo frames like the Pix-Star.

Most of the other digital photo frames available at Target are in the cheap to mid-range of the market; a segment that’s known not to offer video support & playback. If you want a digital frame that can play videos, Pix-Star’s frames are an excellent choice – and they’re one of the most versatile and value-centric frames on today’s market.

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