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The Only Digital Frame Best Buy Guide You’ll Need!


What is the best digital frame to buy for ease of use?

It can be easy to feel lost when you’re looking at all the different digital frame versions and variations. There is no perfect win-all best buy digital frame. Each frame has good and bad points, so it’s all about finding the best digital frame to buy for your needs.

If you have grandparents or technologically challenges family members that struggle to get a hold of using social media and online photo-sharing platforms, they need a digital frame that’s simple to set up and use.

Pix-Star has an excellent 10” and 15” digital frame that’s the best buy for the elderly and people who aren’t great with technology. First of all, it’s very easy to set up. There are no confusing touchscreen interfaces with loads of options and settings. The user interface is clean and the options are listed in easy-to-read and browse options.
On top of this, both the 10” and 15” digital frames have a remote control feature. This allows their frame to be managed and controlled remotely via Wi-Fi. You can manage all the settings, slideshows, content, adding/removing pictures, and more – from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer with a web browser and access to the pix-star.com web interface.

Pix-Star digital frames can also be set to automatically display new photos as they are received via email, the mobile app, or any of the various send/receive methods. You can even link the digital frames up with your and your family members’ social media accounts and online photo-sharing platforms. The digital frame will display these pictures (that you select) and update the album automatically when you add new images.

Even if your grandparents live somewhere remote and don’t have access to a constant Wi-Fi network, you can simply insert a USB or memory card directly into the frame and display their pictures and videos. You’ll just need to give them a bunch of new photos every time you visit them so they stay up to date with what’s going on in your lives.

All of the above, combined with a bright, sharp, and clear display make the Pix-Star one of the most user-friendly digital frame best buys on the market.

Is it best to buy a digital frame that’s Wi-Fi compatible?

Yes, Wi-Fi-compatible digital frames are best buys when it comes to connectivity, features, and versatility. This is especially true for bigger families that don’t see each other too often. Wi-Fi compatible digital frames can give you live up-to-date pictures and videos that have just been uploaded or sent via email, etc.

Digital frames that don’t use Wi-Fi are limited to their local storage and plugging in USB/memory cards. You won’t have live updates and you’ll have to wait until family members come back from their trips or holidays to see what they were getting up to.
On the other hand, Wi-Fi-capable digital frames are more expensive and a little more complicated to use. Elderly people might take some time to get used to the different functions, or will need assistance in getting set up and managing their frames.

That being said, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Now that most households have Wi-Fi connections, digital frames that can make the best use of them will easily outshine their isolated counterparts.

Unless you’re living in the mountains and only have a brief Wi-Fi connection every couple of weeks, Wi-Fi-compatible digital frames are your best buy.

What makes the Pix-Star digital frame the best buy?

Pix-Star best buy digital frames are known for their comprehensive set of features and their simplicity. They’re among the best digital frames on the market if you like versatile connectivity and a broad set of useful features. They’re very hard to beat in this regard.

Their most unique features include audio messages and video playback and several different methods for sending media to a Pix-Star digital frame. You can use email, mobile apps, the web interface, and even sync your digital frame up with your favorite photo platforms and social media accounts.

Another unique feature is the remote control ability. You can manage your Pix-Star digital frame from anywhere in the world as long as you – and the frame – have a decent Wi-Fi connection. On top of this, you can control up to 25 frames from one account via the web interface – perfect for big families.

One of their main advantages over other competing best buy digital frames is their free cloud storage. While some other brands charge annual fees to unlock features and monthly fees for additional storage space, Pix-Star is free for life. There aren’t any hidden charges or catches.

Their best buy digital frames can even play music from radio stations, show you the weather, and even kill some time playing puzzle games.

Pix-Star digital frames are intuitive and easy to use. Their menus are clear and easy to understand – and you can take over remotely if one of your family members doesn’t know what to do. It’s the combination of simplicity and a broad set of features that makes Pix-Star’s digital frame best buys.

What are the best buy digital frame accessories?

There aren’t many accessories available for digital frames – though there are some handy and cheap accessories that can make your life easier.

The first accessory you should get is a good quality memory card and USB drive. 8-16GB of storage is plenty (8GB = ~30,000 photos) for holding loads of photos and videos. USB sticks are the slightly better choice as they’re more compatible with other devices (not all computers have memory card slots) and are not as easy to lose as memory cards.

Another optional accessory is a raised floor stand. These are especially useful if you don’t want to mount your best buy digital frame to the wall (as you might lose access to the USB and memory card port.

If you ever connect your best buy digital frame to open or public Wi-Fi networks, the Netgear Trek Extender might be a good investment. You can find it on Amazon and it’s relatively inexpensive.

This device connects to a public or open network on your behalf and completes the web authentication – this would usually require a web browser. Almost all best buy digital frames don’t come with an in-built web browser and this means you can’t connect to public and open Wi-Fi networks (like at coffee shops and airports).
The Netgear Trek Extender lets you connect to the Wi-Fi network with a simple password and without needing to do any web authentication. You can connect your best buy digital frame to Wi-Fi no matter where you are – and not have to worry about security and safety.

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