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Digital Photo Picture Frames – Why You Need One in 2021


What are the best digital photo picture frames on the market?

Pix-Star offers some of the best digital photo picture frames on the market today. They are known for their ease of use, elderly-friendliness, robust feature set, versatile real-world performance, and stunning display. Pix-Star’s digital photo picture frames are capable additions to the modern home & family and make photo-sharing effortless.

The Pix-Star Snap mobile app is one of Pix-Star’s strongest selling points. The interface is simple and intuitive enough that everyone in the family can use the app. Pictures, videos, and audio messages can be sent to any of your Pix-Star frames in just a few moments. You can capture new photos directly inside the app, or can choose them from your phone’s gallery. There’s even an option to send entire folders & collections to several Pix-Star frames at the same time.

Pix-Star’s 4:3 aspect ratio means that most of the photos we take on our smartphones will be a perfect match. You don’t need to worry about cropping, distorted, or boxed-in photos ruining your viewing experience. The Pix-Star frame offers versatile slideshows that give you fine control over the play order & frequency of photos shown. Videos can be included in slideshows (muted or unmuted) and songs/radio stations can be played over slideshows.

The Pix-Star web dashboard is one of the main stars of the show as you can remotely control all of your Pix-Star frames. A multi-frame control group feature lets you manage up to 25 connected Pix-Star frames. Via the web interface, you can remotely adjust their settings, manage local & cloud storage, start & control slideshows, update the frame’s firmware, and much more.

Web album support lets you import photo albums from external sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos & Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, and more. Almost a dozen different platforms are supported and you can even import photos wirelessly from your computer. Web albums are saved to the receiving Pix-Star frame’s internal storage and can be viewed in slideshows even when the frame is offline.

Pix-Star’s 8GB of internal storage and USB/SD card support mean that you have extensive offline functionality. Unlike many other top digital photo picture frames like the Skylight or Nixplay, Pix-Star’s digital photo frames don’t charge any extra fees or hidden costs. You get full access to all of the frame’s features & functions, the mobile app, web interface, and free-for-life cloud storage. Pix-Star’s digital photo picture frames offer excellent value for money and a digital frame that effortlessly fits into your home & family life to bring you closer to your loved ones!

How to send photos to digital photo picture frames?

This varies hugely between brands and price ranges. Cheap digital photo picture frames can usually only receive photos by USB/SD card. In some cases, you can also connect directly to your computer via USB and transfer photos that way.

For mid-range digital photo frames, USB/SD card support is almost universal. Some of these frames offer Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you connect to a cloud server to sync and download photos (this may also be a paid feature). You often load photos to the server via email or through a supported mobile app. These methods are often very limited and don’t offer much versatility. You’ll need frames to stay connected to Wi-Fi constantly to view or sync images.

For many of the best digital photo picture frames, you have a lot of options at your disposal. The most convenient of these is through a supported mobile app. Here you can load photos directly to your digital photo frame from your phones. With apps like the Pix-Star Snap, you can load up to 250 photos to several Pix-Star frames at the same time. Mobile apps also often let you send videos & audio messages to your frames. It’s worth noting that some digital frames like the Skylight or Nixplay lock many of their features behind a paywall (including features like the use of the mobile app or cloud storage).

Web album support is much rarer and is only offered by a handful of the best digital photo picture frames like the Pix-Star. You can sync photos directly from social media, photo-sharing, and online storage platforms to your Pix-Star frames. These web albums are saved automatically to the frame’s internal storage and can be linked to several frames at the same time. They can be remotely managed and viewed via the web interface where you can also remotely control all of your Pix-Star frames.

How do slideshows work on digital photo picture frames?

Slideshows are usually either randomized or played from specific files or folders. The level of customization is often linked to the price and quality of the digital picture photo frame. For example, Pix-Star’s digital frames can play slideshows from specific sources, manually selected files & folders, or with all the frame’s pictures. Videos can be included in these slideshows and you can play audio files over the slideshows (and radio stations). Pix-Star’s digital photo frames let you adjust the play order & frequency of photos, but this isn’t a feature that’s commonly offered.

Do digital photo picture frames use touchscreens?

Most digital photo frames don’t use touchscreens as they’re quite a lot more expensive & less durable. Touchscreens larger than 8-inches are significantly more expensive and are extremely prone to fingerprints & scratching. We seldom recommend getting a touchscreen digital photo picture frame as features like Pix-Star’s remote-control functions & supported mobile app makes the touchscreen rather superfluous.

Can digital photo picture frames run on a battery?

Battery-powered digital photo picture frames are not very common. They don’t have a great battery life (2 to 5 hours at the most) and offer limited feature sets. These digital frames seldom offer essential features like Wi-Fi connectivity & cloud storage – severely limiting them when compared to what well-priced premium digital frames like the Pix-Star offer.

Another key consideration is that limited battery life leads to smaller displays as larger ones drain the battery too fast. This means that they’re not great choices for families, large rooms, or most modern homes. You’ll find that battery-operated digital photo picture frames spend more time charging than they do running off their batteries – meaning they’re not the ideal digital photo frames for 2021 and beyond!

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