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Are Costco Digital Picture Frames Worth Looking At?


Do Costco digital picture frames work without Wi-Fi?

The only Costco digital picture frames available in most of the US are Aura’s frames. They’re some of the most expensive digital frames in their size range and don’t offer the value for money you’d expect from a digital frame at this price point. The Aura digital picture frame at Costco cannot work without Wi-Fi due to having any internal storage and no USB/SD card support.

You need to be connected to Wi-Fi and Aura’s cloud servers at all times to sync, view, and manage photos and slideshows. It’s not an ideal setup and doesn’t offer nearly enough versatility for modern homes, families, and even elderly users.

Is a Costco digital picture frame worth buying?

A Costco digital picture frame is not worth buying due to the severely limited product selection with just a handful of reviews. Depending on which country’s Costco site you access, you may only have access to one or two digital frames. The only premium frame sold at Costco is the Aura Gallerie – which we don’t recommend buying due to its very limited feature set, lack of offline functionality, no USB/SD card support, and no video & audio support. Aura’s frames are widely regarded to be some of the most expensive on the market and very rarely offer better value for money than popular frames like the Pix-Star.

Costco digital picture frames don’t offer top options like the Pix-Star or Dragon Touch. These are some of the most popular digital frames available today. They’re well suited to families, packed with free-for-life features, easy to use, and quick to set up. If you’re going to get a digital picture frame, Costco shouldn’t be on your list of potential shopping spots. We suggest searching on Amazon or directly from a brand’s online store (e.g., shop.pix-star.com).

Should I shop for digital picture frames at Costco?

We don’t suggest shopping for a digital picture frame at Costco. The only high-end frame available is the Aura frame – which is widely known to be one of the most expensive on the market. They also sacrifice too many key features to make room for their higher resolution displays (e.g., video and audio playback, offline functionality, USB/SD card support, remote configuration, web interface, etc.).

We recommend shopping on a platform that offers a wide range of digital frames. While there are a couple of decent options, the best by far is Amazon. Here you can find dozens of premium digital frames (and tons of frames at lower price points) with versatile feature sets that suit different setups and needs.

Since more buyers are using Amazon for their digital frames, there are far more reviews, Q&As, and in-depth product information. You can use this information to find the right frame for your unique situation and are less likely to get a frame that disappoints or doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Is the Pix-Star a Costco digital picture frame?

Pix-Star’s digital picture frames are not sold at Costco. One of the biggest issues with shopping for digital frames at Costco is their tiny selection of frames. If you’re shopping on the US version of the site, the only frame that Costco sells is the Aura frame. Aura’s frames are some of the most expensive on the market – yet they’re far from being the best.

On the other hand, Pix-Star’s frames are sold on the Pix-Star Shop and via their Amazon pages. Pix-Star’s frames are known to be some of the best value for money digital frames for families, elderly users, and the modern home in 2022. You get impressive features like free-for-life cloud storage, remote access, importing photos from external sources like social media and photo-sharing sites, and much more.

Pix-Star’s frames offer incredibly immersive slideshows thanks to their unique 4:3 aspect ratio. This ratio is preferable as it perfectly matches most of the photos that our smartphones capture. You don’t need to worry about photos being boxed in by black bars, distortion, cropping, etc.

The Pix-Star frame can send & receive photos from anywhere in the world via the Pix-Star mobile app, web interface, and even by email. Additionally, Pix-Star’s frames offer extensive USB/SD card support that lets you play slideshows directly on the frame without copying anything to internal storage first.

Pix-Star doesn’t restrict the maximum sizes of inserted USB/SD cards – giving you access to virtually unlimited storage space. The great frames for both the family and the modern homes, making it easy to connect with elderly users and get everyone in the family sharing and feeling involved (without needing to be tech-savvy).

Is the Aura digital picture frame at Costco worth the money?

The Aura digital picture frame at Costco is one of the most expensive high-end frames on the market. Despite this high price, these frames are missing several key features like remote-control functionality, web albums, video & audio playback, and they can’t work offline. These features – along with several other key features – are available on much more affordable frames like the Pix-Star.

Aura’s frames are expensive mainly due to their high-resolution display. The issue is that you aren’t going to notice the difference when viewing the frame from a couple of feet away – or from across the room. While you will notice the difference right up close, this is seldom the range you’ll be viewing photos from.

To sacrifice several key features to make room for the high-resolution display isn’t a great way to go – especially when you see the quality of the display of frames like the Pix-Star. They still offer great immersion, color accuracy, and sharp images. Pix-Star’s frames then add in a ton of versatile features like free-for-life cloud storage, web albums, remote-configuration capabilities, video & audio playback, and a great 4:3 display (compared to the unfortunate 16:9 aspect ratio of Aura’s frames).

In summary, Aura’s digital frames at Costco are missing too many key features to be worth their high price. Even if you’re set on the high-resolution display, the lack of offline functionality, a 16:9 display, and no video & audio support heavily reduce value for money. We suggest saving money and getting more versatile and value-for-money frames like the Pix-Star!

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