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Read This Before Buying a Walmart Digital Picture Frame!


What is the best Walmart digital picture frame?

The best Walmart digital picture frame is the Nixplay range of frames. There are several Nixplay frames on offer at Walmart – one of their more popular picks.

Now, Nixplay’s frames are premium digital picture frames, with a relatively robust feature set and an easy setup process. Nixplay is known for its good build quality and quality display – some with rather high-resolution panels.

The main argument against Nixplay’s digital picture frames is that they are subscription-based. If you choose not to pay for the optional additional Nixplay Plus subscription, you’ll lose access to many of the features that make Nixplay compete among the top digital frames.

For example, you lose access to most of the mobile app’s features and can only send a handful of photos at the same time. Cloud storage is limited to 10GB. You can’t play videos and audio files. Other features like multi-frame control groups are also locked behind the Nixplay Plus paywall.

Competing frames like the Pix-Star offer all of these features – and many more – without charging any extra fees or subscriptions. For example, Pix-Star offers free-for-life cloud storage with online access, a full-access mobile app, a web interface, remote configuration support, social media photo album imports, extensive USB/SD card support, and much more.

When you consider that frames like the Pix-Star sell for a slightly lower upfront cost, it’s hard to justify Nixplay’s premium subscription.

While Nixplay’s frames are the best Walmart digital picture frames, they’re far from the being the best on the market. Nixplay has a great online presence, which is a key part of its popularity.

Upon deeper inspection, you’ll find that many users are let down when they realize how dependent Nixplay’s frames are on their subscription service – despite not offering any sufficiently unique to justify its existence.

We recommend shopping for a digital picture frame on Amazon. Here you’ll have a far wider product selection from which to compare and select the best frame. Top options like the Pix-Star frame, Skylight’s range, Dragon Touch’s frames, and more are available there.

You’re more likely to get better value for money and the right frame with a broader selection of frames to explore.

Does Walmart have the Pix-Star digital picture frame?

Walmart does not sell the Pix-Star digital picture frame, instead choosing to offer the Nixplay frame as its flagship option.

The issue here is that Nixplay’s frames are the only high-end frames available at Walmart. You can’t compare it with other top frames. As a result, you don’t know what to expect in terms of value for money and versatility at a given price point.

Pix-Star’s digital picture frames are some of the most versatile and popular on the market. They’re easy to set up, simple to use, and some of the only top frames that cater to elderly users, families, and modern homes.

Pix-Star’s key features include free-for-life cloud storage, a great mobile app and web interface, advanced features like remote configuration & importing photo albums from social media, extensive USB/SD card support, and much more.

Compared with other top frames, Pix-Star stands out as uniquely versatile and feature-rich. For example, compared with Nixplay’s frames, Pix-Star offers better audio and video support, web albums, USB/SD card support, offline functionality, free-for-life cloud storage, and more.

Compared with Aura’s frames, Pix-Star lets you play slideshows from a USB/SD card, save pictures to the frame’s internal storage, remotely manage its settings and storage via the web interface, and much more.

When you consider that Pix-Star’s frames are more affordable by base price – and don’t charge an extra subscription fee to unlock/expand features – it’s hard to recommend another frame in its place.

Pix-Star effortlessly caters to the modern home and family. It’s great for elderly users, allows for a high level of automation, and much more.

Are Walmart digital picture frames worth buying?

If you’re going to buy a Walmart digital frame, there are a couple of points you need to be aware of. First of all, the only high-end, premium digital frame that Walmart sells is the Nixplay digital frame.

Most of Walmart’s other digital frames are mid-range options. We don’t generally recommend buying a mid-range frame. They struggle to compete with even the most basic high-end features – while not being much cheaper than a premium frame.

High-end frames like the Pix-Star, Dragon Touch, Nixplay, Skylight, and Aura frames can cater more or less effectively to modern homes and families.

They’re more in tune with what we expect from modern devices, while not exceeding what people are willing to pay for a digital frame. It’s a hard balance to strike right but delivers big value when done well.

We recommend buying a digital frame on a site like Amazon. You’ll have access to dozens of higher-end frames, making it far likelier that you’ll find the right frame for your home and/or family. You can compare top frames with one another more effortlessly, and read through a huge number of reviews, FAQs, and more.

Can I return a Walmart digital picture frame?

Like all other popular online shopping platforms, there are return policies in place for specific products. We suggest you keep the Walmart digital picture frame’s packaging intact and safe, along with the receipt.

Whether you shop for a digital picture frame on Amazon or Walmart, make sure you read reviews at all-star ratings. This will point out potential issues with the return policies.

Additionally, ensure you read through the frame’s specific return policy. Note that individual frames may adhere to general or category-specific return and refund policies. Do your due diligence to avoid any potential issues down the road.

Do Walmart digital picture frames need a subscription?

Nixplay’s frames are the only Walmart digital picture frames that require a monthly/annual subscription to unlock their full functionality. In Nixplay’s case, the premium subscription is called Nixplay. It’s an optional subscription service.

Nixplay Plus is required to unlock/expand features such as cloud storage (from 10GB to 50GB), multi-frame control groups (up to 5 Nixplay frames), access to the mobile app, and video playback support (up to 1-minute video clips).

We don’t often recommend a digital picture frame that charges monthly fees. They struggle to compete with non-subscription-based digital frames in terms of features, versatility, and most importantly, value for money.

When you factor in the cost of the subscription over the Nixplay frame’s lifespan, along with the frame’s higher upfront cost, it becomes one of the most expensive on the market. Competing frames like the Pix-Star cost less upfront and offer far better value for money and versatility!

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