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Are the Digital Photo Frames Best Buy Offer Any Good?


What digital photo frames does Best Buy sell?

Unlike some other platforms like Target, the digital photo frames Best Buy offers lean more towards the premium range. That being said, the product catalog isn’t very broad and only a handful of brands are sold. The difference is very noticeable when compared to other online shopping platforms like Amazon where there are hundreds of brands and digital photo frames available.

The vast majority of the digital photo frames sold at Best Buy are part of the Aluratek family. These frames range from cheap to mid-range, with just one of their models fall into the premium range. Aluratek’s digital photo frames are not the most popular frames on the market as they are missing a lot of key features – something that becomes very apparent when comparing them with other top digital frames like the Pix-Star.

Other premium digital photo frames include the Aura frames, Nixplay, and the Lenovo Smart frame. You can also get the Meural digital photo frame (the most expensive digital frame brand on today’s market). Both Aura and Lenovo are known to be very expensive when compared to other premium frames with similar features & functions.

Aura is specifically known for its high-resolution displays and color-accurate screens. Sadly, their poor feature set and the fact that they have to be connected to Wi-Fi at all times to work are big let-downs. The same applies to both the Lenovo & Meural digital art frames. So much of their cost goes into large, high-resolution display panels that there isn’t much left for the rest of the features or functions.

Nixplay’s digital photo frames are also available at Best Buy. The premium frames are one of the few that charge an optional annual subscription fee that’s required to unlock features like cloud storage, video playback, use of the mobile app, etc. When you consider that this frame’s base price is slightly higher than most other premium frames – plus the cost of the annual subscription – you get far worse value for money.

There are so many other premium digital photo frames worth looking at that aren’t sold at Best Buy such as the Pix-Star, Dragontouch, Skylight, and more. These frames offer great versatility & functionality, without being too expensive. Below we look at one of these digital photo frames and why they’re an excellent choice for families.

Which digital photo frames are the best to buy for families?

Pix-Star’s digital photo frames are probably the best frames to buy for families. This is due to their impressive & robust feature set, ease of use, multi-frame control groups, web album support, and reliable performance. Pix-Star’s digital photo frames offer full Wi-Fi connectivity and free-for-life cloud storage.

The free-for-life cloud storage is particularly important as many other top digital frames charge extra recurring fees to unlock or expand cloud storage (which is the case for both Nixplay & Skylight digital photo frames). All of your photos are automatically backed up to the cloud as they are received on your frames. This cloud storage is easily managed via the web dashboard for your Pix-Star frame.

Pix-Star’s frames excel for use in families as sending photos & other media is effortless. Photo-mail is a popular method whereby you can load photos as attachments to an email address to your frame (via its dedicated email address). Alternatively, you can send up to 250 photos to multiple Pix-Star frames at the same time via the Pix-Star Snap mobile app. Additionally, you can send videos (with a maximum length of 2-minutes) and audio messages directly from your phone to your Pix-Star frames from anywhere in the world.

Much of the Pix-Star frame’s versatility and capability come from the web interface. Here you link & manage up to 25 connected Pix-Star frames from anywhere in the world. The web dashboard facilitates a remote-control function that lets you remotely adjust the frames’ settings, start & control slideshows, manage the frames’ storage (both local & cloud), and even update their firmware.

Pix-Star’s web dashboard also lets you import photos from almost a dozen social media & photo-sharing platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive & Photos, Dropbox, Flickr, and more. These albums are saved to the Pix-Star frame’s internal storage and can be viewed offline. Web albums can be set to automatically update when new photos are added – meaning the photo-sharing process for families can be automated. It’s the perfect feature for families with elderly users or those that are spread out.

Are Pix-Star digital photo frames sold at Best Buy?

Pix-Star’s digital photo frames are some of the most popular digital frames on today’s market. They’re known for their ease of use, elderly-friendly design & navigation, and versatile feature set. Pix-Star’s frames come in both a 10-inch version and a much larger 15-inch model. They offer excellent value for money and reliable performance with great durability. Unfortunately, Pix-Star’s digital photo frames are not sold at Best Buy (much like most other premium digital photo frames). You can find Pix-Star’s frames at the Pix-Star shop or on Amazon.

Should I shop for digital photo frames at Best Buy or Amazon?

We usually recommend going for a premium digital photo frame as the jump in performance (from mid-range frames) is usually far more significant than the price increase. They’re better suited to modern homes & families and offer features in line with what we’d expect from new devices in 2021 and beyond.

Amazon offers a much broader premium digital photo frame selection than Best Buy. You can read through hundreds of reviews from verified buyers, Q&As, and in-depth product descriptions. When combined, all this information gives you a more accurate understanding of the frames’ real-world performance. We recommend shopping for digital photo frames at Amazon.

Can digital photo frames be returned to Best Buy?

Like most other online shopping platforms, Best Buy has return & refund policies in place. Make sure to check the policy for the individual digital photo frame before buying it. There may be slight differences depending on the category of product you’re purchasing. Keep all the original packaging, accessories, and receipts in case you need to return the frame for a refund or replacement.

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