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Is a Bed Bath and Beyond Digital Photo Frame Any Good?


Should I buy a Bed Bath and Beyond digital photo frame?

Buying a Bed Bath and Beyond digital photo frame is another option to add to the list. That being said, the selection of digital frames isn’t nearly as broad as shopping spots like Amazon. There are a limited number of choices, with most being premium frames ranging up to almost $400. If you’re on the market for a new digital photo frame, Bed Bath and Beyond probably isn’t the best place to shop. Choosing from a limited selection is especially bad for first-time buyers that don’t have a detailed frame of reference or previous digital frame experience. Without being able to compare several frames at different price points – and less availability of reviews and product information, you’re more likely to make the wrong purchase. Below we’ll discuss what digital photo frames are available at Bed Bath and Beyond, and if they’re worth your time.

What Bed Bath and Beyond digital photo frames are available?

Bed Bath and Beyond sell 5 digital photo frames; Brookstone PhotoShare, Aluratek 8-inch & 10-inch frames, Lenovo Smart 21.5-inch frame, and the SimplySmart Home 8-inch frame. The Lenovo Smart frame is a premium option and costs around $400, whereas the rest are mid-range to upper-mid-range frames. Unfortunately, none of the digital photo frames at Bed Bath and Beyond use a 4:3 aspect ratio. Instead, they use an awkward 16:9 display. While it’s more common on TV screens and monitors, it’s not a great choice for digital photo frames as most of the photos we take on our smartphones and digital cameras use a 4:3 aspect ratio. With 16:9 displays, most photos will be cropped, distorted, zoomed, or boxed in by black pillar bars. They don’t make full use of the screen’s real estate – making it appear a lot smaller than it is. The digital photo frames at Bed Bath and Beyond are quite limited when it comes to cloud storage and related features. Unlike frames like the Pix-Star, you’ll struggle to view photos from your social media accounts and can’t easily control multiple frames at the same time. When you consider the price of these frames and the lack of premium frames, it’s hard to justify shopping here. By stretching your budget a little, you could own premium digital photo frames like the Pix-Star (among others) that have excellent versatility and functionality for families and elderly users.

Can I buy the Pix-Star digital photo frame at Bed Bath and Beyond?

Unfortunately, Pix-Star’s digital photo frame isn’t available at Bed Bath and Beyond. Pix-Star pioneered the idea of digital photo frames with a unique email address. Since then, they have expanded their frames’ functionality and features to bring you one of the best frames on the market at the moment. They’re not much more expensive than most mid-range digital photo frames, but offer a host of improvements including free-for-life cloud storage, multimedia support, offline use, and one of the most robust feature sets on the market at the moment. With 8GB of internal storage, web album support, remote control functionality, multi-frame control, a 4:3 aspect ratio, and much more – the Pix-Star has quickly become the digital photo frame to beat. You can find the Pix-Star frame on Amazon and in the Pix-Star shop.

Should I buy a digital photo frame from Bed Bath and Beyond or Amazon?

Buying a Bed Bath and Beyond digital photo frame is quite limiting as you only have 5 digital photo frames to choose from. They’re all mid-range frames (except for the Lenovo Smart frame) and don’t hold up well against the top digital frames on the market at the moment. On the other hand, shopping on Amazon offers a much broader product selection; making it far more likely that you’ll find a frame that meets your needs. There are many more options in the premium range and the budget range. You’ll find top-selling frames like the Pix-Star on Amazon and can read through hundreds of reviews to learn more about its real-world performance. Perhaps the biggest advantage of buying a digital photo frame on Amazon is the in-depth information and comprehensive reviews. You can read through hundreds of reviews at different star ratings to help you better understand the strong and weak points of the frame. While you can still read reviews for Bed Bath and Beyond digital photo frames, there aren’t nearly as many as you’d find on Amazon. One and two-star reviews tend to focus on deal-breaking issues (though many can just be biased), quality control problems, or poor customer support. Three-star reviews are often the most balanced – looking at both the pros and cons of the digital photo frame. Many reviews can get quite long and include weeks or even months of in-person experience with the frame. Four and five-star reviews tend to focus more on the positive side of the frame but can also include some minor pain points or room for improvement. In addition, there are detailed question and answer sections where you can ask a question, or browse through dozens of Q&As about the frame in question. Here you can learn about how the features work, whether the frame can or can’t do a particular function/task, and questions about build quality and durability. It’s a great way to have your questions answered by people that know a lot about the frame or have used it in the past. When you combine all the Q&As, reviews, and in-depth product information, you can paint a very accurate picture of how the digital photo frame performs in the real world. You’ll end up taking far less risk (plus Amazon has a great refund and return policy) and are much more likely to find the frame that gives you exactly what you’re looking for!

Can I return a Bed Bath and Beyond digital photo frame?

While Bed Bath and Beyond have a company-wide return/refund policy, specific policies and terms depend on the type of product you are buying. A digital photo frame would have a slightly different policy than a piece of furniture. Make sure you check the return policy of the specific frame you’re interested in as it may vary between brands and price points. Keep all the original packaging, receipts, and accessories to ensure that the frame can be returned if need be. It’s also worth keeping the warranty handy in case any quality/production-related issues show up while you’re still covered.

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