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Innovation, Design, Easy to use

Innovation and easy navigation in a modern slim frame. Perfect for any age, perfect for your home.

Photo, audio, video by email

Exclusive features. The Pix-Star frame is the only one on the market that can receive all multimedia files directly from your email or phone APP.

External Providers

Access your best shots from Facebook, Google+, Instagram, FlickR, etc...
No more uploading your content to every single device. Make your life easier thanks to your Pix-Star.

Control the frame remotely

Control the frame easily and remotely from your pix-star.com account and help your loved ones enjoy their frame without any technical hassle.

Contact list

Manage your contacts to build you own community. Your frame will automatically record the destination email address.

Music, Web Radios

Put some rhythm into your life.
Play your favourite tunes from USB stick or SD card or listen to web radios from the World directly on the Pix-Star.


Keep your brain fit with specially designed and selected games. Receive weather forecasts of selected cities and countries directly into the frame.


Play directly from the frame pictures stored in your UPnP/DLNA compatible network devices or computer. No need to transfer them over the Internet, play them locally.

Two sizes.
One amazing experience

20 000


15 000


USB stick
SD card
USB stick
SD card

Send photo-mails

Send your best shots to anyone,
anywhere, anymore.

Receive audio messages

Using the phone APP, send short audio messages directly to the Pix-Star.

Receive video-clips

Straight from your smartphone or computer to the frame!

Receive photo-mails

Using the phone APP or email send video clips directly to the Pix-Star.

External Providers

Display your pictures stored in Facebook,
FlickR, Google+, OneDrive, Instagram, Dropbox,
Photobucket, Zenfolio, Phanfare, 500px, Picturelife,
ShutterFly, SmugMug, Box, Google Drive
and RSS photo feeds

Your Slideshow. Your way!

Choose between normal, random, by date, or collage x4 or x5. Or display only latest photos.

Contact list

The Pix-Star updates it's contact list automatically each time you send or receive a pictures by email. Smart and Simple.

Music, Web Radios

Games for the brain



Share with your loved ones.

Don't let your friends and family miss out on your best moments.