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You can now manage all of your family's Pix-Star frames
from one SINGLE account!

We call it a "multi-frame account".

To create a multi-frame account, log in to any of your frame's accounts at Pix-Star.com. In the bottom left area, you will see a new multi-frame account button. Once you click on it and create it, you can add all of your other Pix-Star frames in order to manage them all from a SINGLE account (including their web albums, external albums, photo-mails, etc.)

In addition to each frame's individual email address, a new UNIQUE email address will be created for your multi-frame account. When you provide this new multi-frame email address to your friends and family, the pictures they send to it will automatically be dispatched to all of the frames associated with your multi-frame account.

The same goes for web albums and external albums from Google Photos, Facebook, etc. When you create a Pix-Star web album within your multi-frame account, this album will automatically be dispatched to each frame associated with your multi-frame account.

Many of you were waiting for this feature, it's now online!

If you have any question about this feature, do not hesitate to contact us by email.

Enjoy your Pix-Star!