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Internet digital picture frame

The picture frame terminology

Internet Digital Picture Frames are the latest convenient Digital photo frames equipped with an Internet connection to send and receive easily pictures over the Internet.

Usually Internet Digital photo Frames comes with one the following connection type: standard phone line, WiFi or 3G. The Internet Photo Frames can connect to the Internet and get dynamic contend from a remote server. You can now upload images over the Internet directly into the digital frames of family members and friends. These "intelligent" picture frames hold several images. As intervals you wish, it can, like a projector, change images. For a service fee, all kinds of arts or pictures can be simply downloaded and turned into digital picture frames, from paintings to street arts, from sports pictures to family portraits. Some frames can also play music files.

With an Internet Digital Picture Frame, you will be able to access the following features:

  • Direct e-mail supports, to send and receive pictures.
  • WiFi connection that allows you to receive picture at any time.
  • Bluetooth support to exchange picture with PC or mobile phones.
  • Access to your pictures stored online in your preferred RSS photos album such as Flickr.

You can now receive pictures directly from your inbox to your Internet Digital Picture Frame.

Since it can be wireless, the Internet Digital Picture Frame can be display on a table or on a wall, vertically or horizontally. You will be also able to set the mood with playing your favourite tunes while playing your best pictures. The Internet Digital Picture Frame also support WAV and WMA format in order to play music. Mix your last vacation on the beach with some Hawaiian theme and have fun watching it!

Be aware that the Internet digital picture frames are the most expensive ones on the market.

If you like digital pictures and want to be able to easily exchange them with your friends and family, buy an Internet Digital photo Frame. This is probably the easiest solution to discover a world of new possibilities!